Asian Crispy Fried Chicken

The recipe for making fried chicken is one of the favorites of most people, including me. Why is that? Because the making is easy and fast. If so, why can the results of each person’s cooking, taste different? The answer is easy= because of the simple things that they missed. These simple things are spices and the order of how to cook them.

If you want to try my fried chicken recipe, and agree to do the order of how to cook it properly, then the results will be perfect. Are you ready? Okay, let’s look at my writing slowly.

The first thing we should do is prepare cooking utensils and the main ingredients of the fried chicken recipe.

Cooking Equipment=
> Tablespoons and teaspoons
> Blender machine to make spices. (Spice is a natural flavor made from a mixture of various natural herbs such as onions, candlenuts, chili, salt, and others).
> A Drinking water glass, to measure the volume of water to be poured into the pan.
> Basin, which is a container about 30 cm in diameter and 15 cm high. This container is used to place chicken meat after being washed.
> long-stemmed stirrer or kind of spatula, to stir the mixture.
> Boiled pot.
> Frying pan.
> Trays or wide plates.

Main ingredients =
> 1 chicken
> 1 liter of coconut milk
> 2 bay leaves
> 2 stalks of lemongrass plants

Spice ingredients =
> 6 garlic cloves
> 5 shallots
> 4 pecan nuts
> half a tablespoon of coriander
> 2 turmeric
> half a tablespoon of salt
> 1 teaspoon of chicken broth
> 1 teaspoon of sugar

ingredients for making crispy batter =
> 350 ml of chicken boiled water
> 3 to 4 tablespoons of rice flour.

Ingredients for making sambal =
> 5 shallots
> 5 red chili
> 3 cayenne pepper
> 1 teaspoon of shrimp paste
> 1 tomato
> 1 piece of brown sugar, about 150 grams.
> enough salt.

The most important part has been passed. Now is the most fun part of the steps to cook fried chicken.
I hope you listen carefully.

How to make fried chicken
1. Prepare spices. This method is very easy = by mixing all the ingredients and then mashing them smoothly. Use a blender to make it easier and faster. If you want to use a manual mash tool is better.
2. Boil the chicken first. The aim is that the meat is already cooked before being fried, so the frying time will be short. Without boiling, frying will takes a long time and the outer surface of Chicken meat will be charred.

How to boil
Wash the chicken until clean, boil the coconut milk into the boiled pot. Add chicken and fine spices into it. Cooked with low heat.

Make crispy batter
After the chicken is cooked, remove and drain. Put about 350 ml of the chicken boiled water, then poured into a basin while sprinkled with rice flour, stir until blended.

After that, enter the chicken meat one by one into the mixture, then stir it slowly so that the meat is perfectly covered by the mixture.

Fry the chicken
Prepare a frying pan, turn on the stove with a medium flame. Cooking oil is then poured into a frying pan (the oil volume is enough to make the chicken sink in it). When cooking oil is perfectly hot, put the chicken meat one by one, wait until well cooked ( the color turns to golden yellow). Don’t forget to turn it over, so that it doesn’t burn. After you feel cooked enough, then remove and drain them.

Make the sambal
Mix all sambal ingredients using a blender machine. Be careful while add the sugar and salt, their combination is the most important.

Thus the previous is the correct way to make delicious fried crispy chicken. Make sure you practice it correctly. If there are obstacles in the process, you can send me a comments. Thank you so much.

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