This Is Mung Bean Porridge

What are the ingredients!
We have :
300 grams of green beans
200 grams of brown sugar
100 grams of sugar
800 ml of air
100 ml of coconut milk
2 pieces of pandan leaves
2 thumbs of ginger
2 thumbs of cinnamon
Pinch salt

What are we doing first ? =

1. We’ll boil the mung beans with water.
We put in the mung beans then we turn on the stove. We will not boil the water first.
2. We will slice the brown sugar so it will be easier to melt later.
3. We put in the pandan leaves.
Tie the leaves.
4. And 100 grams of sugar.
You can decide the level of sweetness.
5. Put all of them in a boiling pan.
And we will wait until they are melt and the mung beans soften. Put up the lid.
6. We will wait until it is boiled and the mung beans turn soft(before we can add the coconut milk).
If you think you need more water, feel free to add some more, it’s fine.
7. Dont forget to add ginger and cinnamon.
8. We only have to wait until the beans soften, and then we add coconut milk.
The symptoms that the mixture well cooked are the water has reduced, and it has also begun to thicken, and also the beans have turned soften.
9. Let’s add coconut milk.
10. We add a pinch of salt.
11. Now, we have to wait a bit more so the coconut milk is cooked, and absorbed into the mung beans. We will leave it for another 5 minutes.
12. The coconut milk has thicken and also it has reduced a bit.
But if you want the beans to be really soft, you can cook it a little bit longer.

Happy enjoy your mung bean porridge!

Note =
-You have to soak the beans in water until it is soft (6-8 hours).
-Do not add the coconut milk early!
-Add the coconut milk after the beans turn soft (you can see the shells have broken)