The Best Omelette Recipe I Ever Make

For the best omelette, we should buy good quality and fresh eggs, preferably even organic is better. Because much better the eggs, much better the omelette also.

These are the way how i cook the omelette =
1. Place two or three eggs into a medium size of bowl.
2. Blend the eggs.
To blend the eggs, i choose a fork which works best. Whisking way is not ideal as it incorporates too much air into the eggs. It gives the omelette a souffle like texture that is not desired in this case. These eggs have to be mixed until there are no traces of egg white left. This will produce an omelette that has a nice even color.
3. When the eggs have been fully blended, seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper.
Some people like to add a bit of milk or water at this stage. For supposed fluffiness. It is sometimes added to older eggs as well. However most purists add no liquid to their eggs.
4. It is important to make sure that the heat should be at about medium to medium-low.
But omelets can be cooked over higher heat with some conditions. Example= remember that most cooks in busy restaurants don’t have time so they use high heat. This just takes a bit more practice in a different pan. Lower heat allows you to use nonstick and it gives you more time. Which alleviates some of the pressure that high heat brings.
5. The fat used to cook an omelette can be either butter or olive oil.
Just use enough fat to lightly coat the pan.
6 Once the fat is melted pour in the eggs, we are using a heat-resistant spatula, do this=briskly scramble the eggs.
At first the eggs will be quite runny. Use the spatula to scramble around the edges and into the center. Periodically scrape around the edges trying to keep a fairly round shape. Continue doing this until the eggs start to cook and set a bit.
7. The constant stirring and shaking will make for a nice creamy and smooth omelette.
If you do not constantly stir and shake the pan you will end up with holes and gaps in your omelette.
8. At this point turn off the heat and use the spatula to even out the eggs.
Now maybe you will see that the eggs are still somewhat runny. Just let the omelette sit for about 30 seconds or so. Finally they are still slightly wet, but no longer runny.
9. To roll out the omelette, prepare a plate ready and spatula to do this.
Then using the spatula fold over the top third down over the centre. Then give a gentle shake or use the spatula to help bring the egg to the very edge of the pan. Then in one clean motion flip and roll the egg out onto the plate. Use the edge of the pan and the spatula to help flip the egg over onto itself.

However if this seems a bit too wet for you, simply cook the eggs a bit longer before you roll out the omelet. Just keep in mind that if you overcook an omelet it will Brown. Ultimately how you like your omelette is up to you. You will be amazed at how light delicate and creamy it is.