Sweet Chili Shrimp Recipe

Today i’ll be making some sweet chili shrimp so let’s get started.

Ingredients :
ΒΌ oz shrimp
sweet chilli sauce
few black and white sesame seeds
1 tbsp Butter
2 garlic
Few Cayenne
1 ground ginger stick
chili oil
salt (to taste)

Alright so this is just a quarter pound of shrimp I’m not making a lot I’m just making some lunch for my best friend today. so this is the sweet chilli sauce that i’ll be using. so this recipe is basically semi-homemade. I have my black and white sesame seeds right there. I have some butter, scallions, and garlic.

Move on to the cooking process:
1. And now we’re just going to season up the shrimp, and that’s it.
Okay so as usual you can season your shrimp however you prefer, but for this recipe I’m going to use some black pepper and as a matter of fact you probably suggest your salt and pepper here, because of the sauce.
2. I’m going to go in here with some Cayenne, not too much you know they’re spicy.
3. Then I’m going to go with some ground ginger stick with the theme. Physicist semi-homemade I do want to put my own touch on to this so this one uses own spices.
4. I’m also going to go in here with some chili oil just a little bit of that, and some salt.
I’m using kosher salt, mix this up and allow it to marinate five minutes.
5. Alright guys I have my garlic going for about five minutes in some butter.
6. Now to my garlic I’m going to add my shrimp.
Down in here and you’re going to cook your shrimp for no more than two minutes, and then we’re going to add the sauce.
7. Okay guys so I’m adding myself down in here, we mix it cook, and allow it to cook another 1 minute.
8. And then we’re going to sprinkle in our sesame seeds and our scallion.
Don’t overcook your shrimp. Okay guys the star you look amazing already.
9. And now you’re going to add your scallions darling here, and some of your sesame seeds.
All right guys so this is it, at the end when I plate it up. I am going to add more sesame seeds for that top, but as you imagine, it looks super delicious.

I just started off with some steamed rice and add some more sesame seeds for that crunch and some scallions. I hope you guys enjoyed the semi-homemade shrimp recipe