CapCay Soup

This is one of my family’s favorite soup, especially when raining. Very yummi, delicious, and ofcourse good for health. You know, this delicious food is easy to made even for me as a father of my single son and as a husband of a beautiful wife. I am not kidding, this soup is definitely easy to be made. Are you curious to know how ? You can find it out at the end of this article. Then, is it true that it’s good for health, how? The answer is vegetable. Carrot, garlic, bombay onion, Sesame oil, Cauliflower , are the main ingredients of this receipe. Even for the cooking spices, they are only consist of salt, sugar, and pepper.

In my place where i come from, Indonesia, this food can be enjoyed by everyone because it can be found easily in cafe and roadside stalls. Although sell the same name (capcay soup), each of them is offering various taste and delicious ingredients inside. And what i am going to write in this article is one of them. So i can guarantee that it must be delicious and yummi.

Ingredients =
> 4 garlic clove
> 1 Bombay onion
> 1.5 tablespoon of sesame oil
> 4 tablespoon of cooking oil
> 2 carrots, cut into slices as we want
> 0.5 kg of Cauliflower, cut into pieces
> 1 bundle of mustard greens (1 bundle= about 7 or 8 leafes)
> 250 gram of chicken’s liver
> 250 gram of meat balls
> Enough of Sugar
> Enough of Salt
> Enough of Pepper

– Boil chicken liver until tender.
– Boil carrots and cauliflower until they are almost cooked.
– Blend the garlic, salt and pepper, mix them.
– Prepare the frying pan on the stove.
– Pour a few cooking oil into a frying pan.
– Saute the bombay onion until it smells delicious.
– Pour the mashed spices.
– Add sesame oil, stir-fry until delicious fragrant.
– Add the cauliflower and carrots.
– Pour enough water.
– Add the chicken’s liver and meatball.
– Wait until the spices are fully absorbed.
– Remember to add sugar and salt as your own desires.
– Finally, add the mustard greens a few moments before the frying pan has been lifted from the stove.
– Serve this capcay soup together with warm rice.

Congratulation, now you already have the easiest recipe for making healthy vegetable foods with Indonesian flavors. capcay soup that is healthy, delicious, has high nutrition, and easily made by anyone including men.
Thank you very much for reading my article, hope you enjoy your cooking. See you in the next article, bye bye.