Meatballs isThe Most Favorites Varian of Beef

Hi you guys, how are you doing today, are you still enjoying your life? I hope so. This time I will spoil your life more by presenting a very special recipe, I deliberately choose it only for you. That is a food recipe that has become an all-time trend = meatballs. Not just any an ordinary meatballs, but thisi is unique because they can be created according to our respective tastes.

What is the special about this meatball menu? isn’t the meatball variant are very easy to buy at the supermarket? If what you mean is the ordinary meatballs, it’s true, the place to buy it is in the supermarket. But this one is extraordinary, not amazingly large, nor extraordinary, but this meatball is amazing. More delicious, savory, full of taste and LOVE. And the most important thing is = you make it by yourself.

Did you know, before I successfully made these meatballs, I failed so many times. And finally the failure was worth it, I had succeeded in making delicious meatballs by my self. And I want to share it with all of you, FREE. I’m sure you can’t wait to find out about my meatball secret recipe right? Okay, get ready to cek it out, right now.

Meatball Ingredients:
> 300 gram of fresh beef,
> a few teaspoons of salt,
> 2 finely chopped garlic cloves
> enough pepper powder,
> 1-2 tablespoons of starch,
> 1 egg white.

Steps to make meatballs are :

How to choose the best beef
Choose beef which is still fresh, even those the bleeding one. To produce good meatballs, you should choose fresh beef. The fresher is the better, because fresh beef will produce meatballs that have good quality. Beef that has no veins and a little fat will produce the best quality meatballs. Just for your information, you can also use thigh meat or rib meat.

Making the meatball mixture
Chops or grind the meat until smooth, mix with salt and other spices, then stir them. Knead this mixture with ice water( the weight of ice water is 15% of meat weight). Keep doing this until the mixture is soft and can be rolled (about 30 minutes). Then add the garlic and pepper. After the mixture is completely mixed, add the flour and egg white, keep stirring until mixed, smooth and elastic. To make the mixture more binding, we can add starch little by little( maximum 20% of meat weight).
You can create unique flavors by mixing or adding other ingredients into the meatball mixture to get another texture or taste. For example, mix chicken with shrimp or chopped mushrooms. Examples of other ingredients are = cheese biscuits or other salted biscuits, noodles, tofu, spring onions, onions, etc.

Forming those mixture into shapes
Forming those mixture into spheres shape by using 2 tablespoons. You can create any meatball shape as you like. Then put them one by one into a boiled pan that has been filled with boiling water. Boil them in boiling water. The Boiling usually lasts 10-15 minutes. The characteristics of cooked meatballs= Meatball balls will float on the surface of boiling water. After being removed, drain and cool them at room temperature.

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