Snapper Curry Soup

The dish i’m presenting today from east african inspired coconut curry red snapper stew. Which is going to be loaded with a depth of flavors from the coconut and the curry. It’s going to be succulent and juicy.

Ingredients :
2 large fresh red snapper fish cleaned and cut to preferred sizes
1 tbsp turmeric
1/2 tbsp salt

For marinade:
1 shallot onion,
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper,
1 tsp fresh lime juice,
1 clove garlic,
Pinky finger size ginger,
1/2 tsp aniseed)

For stew :
3 medium red onions sliced thinly,
Thumb size ginger,
1 serrano chili,
1 habanero chili,
2 cloves garlic,
1 heaping tbsp tomato paste,
1/4 cup virgin coconut oil,
3 cups of coconut flakes blended with 400 ml of water and strained for coconut milk

This is how i cook it :
1. So here we have already cleaned the fish and cut them into our preferred size.
2. And i’ve just added some turmeric and some salt.
3. Now in this mixture i have onion (which is a shallot onion), ginger garlic, and a seed, and also some lime juice. I’ve also added my black pepper and i blended it together and incorporated it so.
4. We’re gonna let the fish marinade for 45 minutes before we fry at room temperature.
5. Now the oil is now heated.
We know that because we added some onions to it to flavor the oil and also to test the oil to see.
6. And i’ve sprinkled some flour into the oil prior to immersing my fish.
So that my fish gets crispy on the outside and stays juicy on the inside and also doesn’t stick to the bottom of my frying pot.
7. So you fry the fish until it is nice and crispy.
It takes about ten minutes for that to happen. And then you fry the next batch.
8. Now you could also bake the fish.
All you have to do is just go do the same thing instead of frying. Just add a little bit of oil to it. Make sure each fish is coated with oil.

Now i recommend though that if you’re going to bake it, you use a fish that’s a lot firmer not as delicate as fresh snapper is. Snapper is delicious but it’s also very delicate falls apart easily. So if you’re going to bake it, you just want to make sure that when you do end up immersing it or including it into your stew, that you are very gentle and careful. So that way it stays together. So there you go nice and crispy and ready. So you set it aside and we begin cooking the actual stew.

Bake the fish
Now to do that :
1. I’m going to grind some ginger, garlic. To close of that, one habanero and some serrano chiles.
I’ve added some salt to create that’s coarse surface because i am going to grind it obviously. You may use your blender that’s totally fine. I was just really feeling nostalgic today, and i just was thinking about home a lot. You know i miss cooking the way i cooked back home, or watching my mom cook so there you go. That’s why i happiest anka and that’s up early. So grind until is smooth enough and we begin taking the stew.
2. And here is some extra virgin coconut oil for that coconut flavor.
We want to be really coconut flavor forward with this too.
3. Because it is called coconut curry, so i’ve added some onions and now you see that i’ve finally sliced them and they’re all the same size.
4. Very important for them to cook evenly.
5. And i’ve included my grinded ingredients and a heaping tablespoon full of tomato paste.
Now here is some to mark = curry powder, dry rosemary, and this is actually garam masala which has coriander seeds… Cloves.
If you have other ingredients that just really elevates all of the flavors.
6. Now black pepper and turmeric with the addition of the lime juice or any natural acidic juice.
It will help to activate the anti-inflammatory properties in summary.
7. Stir it properly and then put the lid on
8. We cook this on low heat not medium not high but low.
And we covered it after we stir it and we left it for 25 minutes on low heat. And there it’s the result you get = deep caramelized the flavors guys. You don’t need a whole lot of oil, and you most definitely don’t need high heat to get carmelization.
9. Now here is our coconut milk.
For the coconut milk i purchased the dry flakes. Okay the unsweetened kind. There is the sweet and so be careful okay and pick only the sweeten time i mean the unsweetened time.
10. Now i used three cups full of the three heaping cups actually and i added 400 milliliters of water to it and i blended it till i could get it as smooth as possible, and passed it through my strainer and there we go= we have coconut milk.
You could also get the kind that will be totally fine.
11. And now we’ll crank the heat up to medium heat and we let it simmer down gently after we add our fish.
And we just let it simmer down until the fish is able to absorb all them. It has a hint of sweetness with that balance of savoriness this is a beautiful dish you have to try the recipe to know.

This dish over some coconut rice if you want to carry on with that coconut theme. Ah it was delicious. Okay try the recipe thank you all so much for attentions and as always have fun or make it a great day and have fun especially in that kitchen.

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