Spicy Barbeque Chicken Recipe

Now i’m going to make spicy barbeque chicken
How does it sound? Sound good isnt it? Let’s go to my article and cooking!
1. You can use 2 pound of chicken breasts, and also chicken thighs, anything.
2. First we have to give them a really good shower.
I like to wash nicely until it’s not slippery.
3. Then put this chicken in a bowl.
4. I will just add some milk and marinate, and mix this.
It removes any gamey smell, but it’s optional. And keep in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile i’m going to make sauce, a spicy sauce.
For 2 pounds of chicken meat, i will use : (mince these all together)
1. 6 garlic cloves. then mince them.
2. Ginger and garlic.
3. 2 leeks.

After that, add :
1. A half cup of hot pepper paste.
I like to make it really sweet, shiny and spicy. It must be really tasty.
2. One third cup of rice syrup (optional = a quarter cup sugar).
3. Two tablespoons hot pepper flakes.
4. One tablespoon of sesame oil.
5. And last thing is half teaspoon of black pepper.
6. Mix them all well.
This sauce looks like a paste, not very saucy.

After 30 minutes passed :
1. Put the chicken and then strain them.
Just squeeze out all the excess milk.
2. Add the previous sauce.
3. By using hands, mix them well until red.
We may cook from now. But if you like, we can leave it to marinate for 10 minutes.

This 2 pounds of chicken meat can be served for 4 to 6 people.
So let’s barbecue!
1. Put the meats on the barbeque grill.
2. Using brush, coat the meat surfaces with sauce paste.
3. Do it again many times as you like.
4. Because this is sticky sauce, i don’t want it to be burnt. That is why occasionally i just turned it over.
5. Now, it smells so good!
6. The chicken meats is well cooked right now.
7. How we know that it well cooked? By using a chopstick, poke inside the meat and check. If this goes through easily, and no liquid comes out, it’s well done.
Yum! Spicy, sweet and juicy!

Today you already know how to make a spicy barbeque chicken. So easy and simple, you just mix this with seasoning paste.

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