Fried fish specialized with lemongrass

Usually in the territory of South East Asia, many food is fried and what makes the taste buds bloom is their seasoning. Let yourself be tempted by this Vietnamese recipe of fried fish with lemongrass and chili pepper. It is a classic of Vietnamese cuisine. This lemongrass-chilli mix enhances fish and seafood perfectly. Commonly it is eaten by the family, as a daily dish because it’s quick to cook. Crispy to perfection, it is also an be served with white rice. Change of scenery guaranteed!

The good advantages of this recipe are = this tasty dish, easy and quick to prepare. Seriously

Quantity: available for 2 people
Preparation time: about 15 minutes
Cooking time: about 10-15 minutes

Important utensils
1 non-stick frying pan
1 knife + 1 board
absorbent paper
1 plate
food film
1 teaspoon

The main Ingredients
350-400 g of fish (here 2 pout)
2 sticks of lemongrass (~ 20 g)
1 red pepper (optional)
1/2 cc of salt

1. Clean the fish. Absorb excess water with paper towels. It is possible to replace the pout with other fish such as sea bream, hake or hake.
2. Cut the two faces of the fish. Place them on a plate.
3. Finely chop lemongrass and chilli together.
4. Salt and brush the fish with lemongrass and chilli. Filmer and marinate the fish in the fridge for about 1 (one) hour.
5. In a skillet, heat 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Fry the fish on each side for 5-7 min while monitoring the color .

Now It is ready. You can serve the fried fish with lemongrass and warm rice.

Traditionally, fish is fried in a wok oil bath. But this cooking in the pan is just as good and especially less oily.

Asian Fried Fish, How Delicious is it

Hello guys, good day for you.
Now I will present you a tips how to make a delicious fried fish. The fish which I choose to fry are the freshwater fish, because they are usually available in the market, and still alive. I chose fish that are still alive because after being fried, it tastes more delicious, sweet and savory taste mixed together. That’s why i suggest you to buy the fresh one.

Now we will discuss the main topic directly.
Making spices
Spices ingredients are :
1) Coriander or Cilantro
2) Salt
3) Garlic
4) Turmeric
5) Red onion

How to make spices
The essence of making this spices is only one= That is to produce a smooth mixture. How? There are 2 ways:
1) Modern ways.
Use a blender machine. easy to use, just put all the ingredients into a blender container and let the machine work for us. The disadvantage of this machine = the amount of material must be many, if only a few, the blending result is rough.
2) Traditional ways.
Using stone bowls (mortar) and stone pounders. In my hometown, this tool is known as “cobek”. The advantage of this tool is able to pound a few spices ingredients. The disadvantage=make us tired

The next step :
Before we move to the next step, i need you to know these :
Main ingredients =
1) One adult Fresh fish
Adult fish are chosen because of it’s thick meat
2) and Lime.
Lime is useful for removing fishy scents.

Now, here is the next step:
Combining the fish and spices.
1) Prepare fresh fish
2) Clean the fish from its dirt
3) Make two slices on each side of the fish body
4) Lime is split into 2 parts. Then each one is poured evenly to the body of the fish.
5) Spread the spices all over the body of the fish including in the slices. The aim is so that the spices can soak into the fish’s body.

Fry the fish
1) Prepare a frying pan, put it on the stove. Turn on the stove with a small flame.
2) Pour a lot of vegetable oil into the pan. The amount is estimated so that the fish can sink into it.
3) Wait and make sure that the oil is well hot.
4) Put the fish into hot oil
5) After being fried for 5 minutes, turn the fish’s body to the other side so it doesn’t burn
6) Continue frying for 5 or 10 minutes
7) Once fried, cook and drain

Serving the fried fish
1) Prepare a wide plate
2) Put the fried fish on the plate
3) Add some fresh vegetables next to the fish, such as cucumber slices, salads, and cabbage
4) You can also add sambal beside the fish
5) Serve it while hot along with warm rice

Happy enjoy your lunch