Tiramisu Cake Recipe

I’m gonna make something good,but i want it to be something easier because i have some other food articles that i want to write for tomorrow. So i have the perfect cake. It’s an easy tiramisu. You guys are gonna love this, so stay tuned. Alright guys and gals, let’s get our aprons on and get cooking.

It’s great to have all your ingredients lined up so let’s go over everything you’ll need.
You’ll need =
– Six eggs,
– One cup of sugar,
– One cup of all-purpose flour,
– A teaspoon of vanilla.

For the syrup you’ll need=
About a cup and a half of strong coffee with a little bit of rum.

Then for the cream you’ll need =
– An eight ounce package of cream cheese,
– One and a half cups of heavy whipping cream,
– And about a half a cup of sugar.
– Then you’ll need a little bit of great cocoa powder, to dust over the top to make it extra delicious.

How to make =
1. Crack all of your eggs into a mixing bowl. Yolks and whites together, you don’t have to separate them. That’s the beauty of this recipe. Kick up the mixer to high speed and let it beat for about a minute. It should be frothy when it’s done. Now while it’s on high speed, slowly add in your one cup of sugar. And then, continue to let it beat for another five minutes. (it should be thick and three times in volume when it’s done).
2. While you’ve got your mixer going, go ahead and butter your pan. So i use my hands, you can use a pastry brush if you don’t want dirty fingers, but, it’s okay to get dirty a little bit in the kitchen right? Alright, so line the sides. You can use two separate cake pans for this, but i like to use my springform mold and just cut the cake layers in half. I think that’s a little easier but you can do it both ways.
3. Alright, once you’ve got that all buttered up, you also want to line the bottom with some parchment paper. Parchment paper works best, wax paper will stick, so use parchment. Set hat aside.
4. Now we’re gonna sift the flour. So this is a really important step because you want this cake to be light and airy, and sifting is really a quick step. See, so easy.
Alright, you know it’s done because it’s tripled in volume, it’s nice and thick, look at that. It’s a good pale yellow, it’s finished.

5. So what we’re gonna do next is sift our flour right into this batter. So you’re basically sifting the flour twice.and you can do it in two portions. So basically fold in the first portion and then add in the second portion. Might be a little easier to blend it that way. Sometimes i’m lazy and just do it all at once, and that’s okay too. And when you’re mixing, just try and mix it enough to get the flour well incorporated into the batter. You’re really relying on the volume of the eggs to make this cake fluffy, so don’t deflate it. That’s key in making this cake.

6. You see how thick and beautiful that is right now. Alright, we can add the rest of our flour. Just sift it right in. And just continue mixing. . This is a european cake, we call it the biskvit, you might refer to it as the biscuit cake. It’s a sponge cake and it’s excellent just to absorb those syrups that you’ll use it cakes. It’s the base to some of my favorite cakes so once you’ve got this down, you know how to make most of the cakes on my channel. And it’s so easy.
7. Before i forget, add a teaspoon of vanilla. And that just adds some really good flavor to this cake. Luscious.

8. Alright, now that it’s done, i’m gonna transfer it into my prepared pan. Even out the top of your cake, and then it’s ready for the oven.
9. You’re gonna bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes and when it’s done, a toothpick should come out clean.
10. Let the cake cool for about 10 minutes once it comes out of the oven, and then get it out of the springform mold, i use a really thin edge spatula. And put it on a wire rack to cool down. And you’re gonna let it cool down all the way to room temperature. You’re not gonna frost a warm cake or your frosting’s gonna melt.
11. So once it’s cooled down to room temperature, use a serrated knife to score the sides of the cake. We’re gonna cut it into two layers. And just continue that process until you’ve got two cake layers.

And then make sure also to take off that parchment paper on the back. It comes off real easy. It’s done. Beauty.

11. Alright, now, we’re gonna work on the frosting. To make a great frosting with heavy whipping cream you have to make sure it’s super cold. So this is straight out of the fridge. We’re gonna kick the mixer up to high speed and we’re gonna mix the heavy cream, it just takes about two minutes to get it to nice stiff peaks. You don’t want to over- eat it because then it’ll turn into a buttery texture, we don’t want that. Alright, you can see that cream is done, because it’s got stiff peaks, and it’s not buttery. You don’t want to keep beating any more than that, it’s perfect.
12. Alright now transfer your whipped cream into a separate bowl. Because you’re gonna whip the cream cheese with the sugar next.
13. Add in that cream cheese and your half a cup of white sugar. You’re gonna beat that on high speed for a couple minutes, just until it’s nice and creamy.

14. Now we’re gonna incorporate that whipped cream right back into this cream cheese and just blend together until it’s perfect. You’re just gonna blend this until you don’t see the streaks of cream cheese anymore. You also want to make sure it’s really well blended if you’re gonna put it through a piping bag so it doesn’t get stuck with that cream cheese in there.
15. Okay, frosting’s done. So what we’re gonna do is set this in the fridge until we’re ready to use it.

Alright back to the cake, generally you want your top layer to be the prettiest side so we can see that the bottom layer here has the flattest most perfect side. So we’re gonna take the top, flip it upside down, and ready to being brushed with syrup evenly.

16. Then you’re gonna make your coffee syrup. You need =
a. About a cup and a half of strong coffee. I’m gonna add it to some water.
b. And then you need a couple tablespoons of sugar, sweeten it up a little bit. And just stir that to dissolve it.
c. Put in a couple teaspoons of rum.
d. Use a little bit of vanilla if you want to. Just adds an extra little something something.

17. Alright, once that sugar’s dissolved, what you’re gonna do is brush that syrup generously onto your cake. Do it also to the next layer of cake. And put the rest of your syrup evenly over the top.
18. Okay, then we’re gonna to the frosting, and with a tiramisu you can frost the top, you can frost the sides, you can really get creative with it.
19. Alright, after we’re all done frosting, we’re going to dust the top with cocoa powder. Just dust it on there, don’t be scared.

And you’re done. So pretty, and delicious too. Yum, now that is the perfect tiramisu. I hope you guys enjoyed spending time with me in this article.

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